Saturday, August 20, 2011

Launch Live Gig

Town Hall Theatre - 25th August - Doors 7.30 pm - Music 8.00 pm

To launch our new festival we have invited an unmissable act to Dungarvan. Energy, musical adventure and pure fun is on the cards with Dehli 2 Dublin. A live performance with Delhi 2 Dublin is a celebration of diversity and creativity. And a true party.

The concert with this Canadian band will be the ideal sneak preview. Don't miss it. And to celebrate the launch, we offer this concert for Free. This is made possible through the support and endorsement of the Dungarvan Town Council.

Delhi 2 Dublin continues to break the mold with the release of its new genre-busting album,Planet Electric, on May 4th 2010. It’s as if the band has been sent on a mission to further spread their sound across the planet and out into the galaxy. They describe Planet Electric“as the buzz of the world that they are plugging into some large socket to electrify the people, to charge up their energy”. To capture that dynamism, all of the tracks on the album were road-tested in front of live audiences before being recorded. Something else the band did differently from the last album was going on a writers’ retreat where they worked on the music day and night for ten days straight. The results are definitely more representative of Delhi 2 Dublin as a band and a noticeable progression. The icing on the cake was being able to get Diamond “DJ Swami” Duggal (Apache Indian/Maxi Priest/Nusrat Fateh Ali) to mix the tracks.

BBC  quote - “The Vancouver-based collective combines dhol, fiddle and breakbeats in an Irish/Asian stew that is surprisingly varied, a marvellously wide-ranging and free-thinking concept.“
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