Tuesday, December 20, 2011

22nd December Christmas Special with Ryland Teifi & Róisín Clancy

Storytelling Southeast proudly presents Christmas Special with Ryland Teifi & Róisín Clancy
LIVE in Nude Food, Dungarvan
Thursday, 22 December, 8pm

Tickets: €10 - To avoid disappointment, reserve your seat e-mail; info@storytellingsoutheast.com

Ryland Teifi and Róisín Clancy team up to serve a very festive and seasonal menu with a special Christmas show on Thursday 22nd December at 8pm in Nude Food. Perhaps an antidote for the commercialism often surrounding those days leading up to Christmas, maybe a trip down memory lane or simply a cultural celebration of some of the most relevant songs, stories and poems written about this season. An intimate gig in Nude Food where a wide selection of refreshments will be specially prepared.

This unique and intimate live performance will include; Dylan Thomas - "A Child's Christmas in Wales", James Joyce - "The Dead" Oscar Wilde... But also popular songs including; "Fairy Tale of New York" and a selection of the "Clancy Brothers Christmas Album".

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CD Launch and live performance: Ryland Teifi - "Last of the Old Men" 30th Nov 2011

Storytelling Southeast, our new cultural festival, continues to explore how we tell stories today. While the festival will return to Dungarvan late September 2012, we are committed to bring events and reach our audiences throughout the year. On Wednesday the 30th of November the first of those post-festival performances will take place in the Town Hall Theatre, Dungarvan Co Waterford.

Last of the Old Men
To coincide with the launch of the new CD by Ryland Teifi, "Last of the Old Men", a live performance will bring some amazing and diverse talent on stage. Ryland will perform some of his newest songs and also be joined by his wife Róisín Clancy and the band Mendocino. For those of you who attended the opening night (Wednesday 28th September 2011), this will surely bring back the magic and some great memories, for all others, time to discover...

Pre-book tickets; contact us at info@storytellingsoutheast.com. Tickets are €10 and include welcome wine reception at 8 pm. Live music from 8.30 pm

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review Of Ann Scott Concert In Dungarvan Town Hall Theatre

Sunday night it was back down the road to 'Storytelling Southeast' in Fungarvan. Before Ann Scott took to the stage I had a chat with Bo Mandeville (a handle that would have to gain him entry into a Jacklie Collins Novel of his choice ;-) I'm just jealous!) the director of the festival. He is confident that after all that happened in this the first year of the event, this is a festival that will definitely run again next year. They had over 1,200 kids involved in the schools programme, over 3,000 attendees all told, 45 events with many artists wishing to return next year, positive audience feedback, seems like a happy ever after all round! It is evident from the programme, that the festival set out to expand the traditional notion of story telling by the fireside (although this was included too) and include stories that are told through other means such as music and the visual arts. The approach and atmospehere is relaxed and inclusive; being offered complimentary glasses of wine after early arrival helps this along. I have wanted to catch Ann Scott for a while now and the Town Hall Theatre in Dungarvan on a Sunday night, in an intimate setting and with a receptive crowd, was the place to do it.

Ann is something of a slow burner in terms of exposure, critically acclaimed (twice nominated for Best Female at the Meteors) but not quite cutting through to the mainstream, which is not such a bad thing. On Sunday night, she laid out the stories beautifully and the subtle, considered use of electronic-do-hickery complimented her delicate guitar and sweet sweet voice perfectly. I can't remember exactly where I read it, but there's a tribe somewhere in Afghanistan (let's hope they're still there) that believe that the thing that makes us fall in love and find a spiritual connection, is to be found not in pheromones or appearance, but in the voice. If there's truth in this, Ann Scott is leaving a string of broken hearts in her wake in the same way the parish bus leaves empty beer cans after it on the way to a Munster Final in Thurles (properly disposed of, of course, but crumpled, sacrificed willingly and in large quantities none the less ;-) ). Ann described, early in her career, hoping that one of her songs, 'Hot Day', would bring her fame and fortune, as every time the sun would shine, DJ's all over the country would be reaching for it. She soon realised that you are more likely to aqua-plain your way to a gig down the M9, than experience fame and fortune through penning solar powered serenades. I'm just glad she has good tyres and a steady hand on the tiller.

Originally published on: www.ayearoffestivalsinireland.com

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ard Scoil Na nDeise Reaction To Our Festival

Storytelling South East Festival: Cinema Visit
On Thursday and Friday of last week the senior classes had a great treat! They attended the local cinema to view two films, Inside I’m Dancing and Ballroom of Romance. Luckily the sixth year students will be using one of these movies in their exams next June, and they were delighted to hear the analysis Bo Mandeville gave in his introduction. The fifth years enjoyed the insights about the Good Old Days in Ballroom of Romance, but would not swap the modern movie club scene for “old-fashioned romance”.

Storytelling South East: Visit from Concept Designer Dermot Power
Friday the 30th of September, concept artist Dermot Power came to our school to talk to all the 4th year students and the 5th and 6th year art students, in conjunction with the Storytelling South East Festival.

Dermot explained to us that a concept artist draws up ideas for the film director before any of the cast is even chosen, so that they can have an idea how much the movie will cost! The drawings can be on the environment of the movie, props, the cast and costumes.

All of the drawings are digitally made on the computer and nothing is drawn or painted on paper! Dermot himself has worked on huge productions such as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He also worked on three of the Harry Potter movies, on Star Wars  Episode II and many many more famous movies. Overall this was a very interesting talk. You can view his work on www.dermotpower.com.

Originally published on: www.ardscoildungarvan.com
Davina Muntjewerff
Sinead Bannett

Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Names For Storytelling Festival

Storytelling Southeast which starts on Wednesday September 28th has attracted some top names, including Anthony Summers, who co wrote 'The 11th Day'.

Others to appear at the festival include Christine Tobin on Sunday, 2nd Oct. at 8.30pm in the  Town Hall Theatre. '24 Karat Voice' / BBC Jazz vocalist of the year. Christine is romantic and radical, a musical free spirit. She is renowned for her inspired settings of poems to music and will perform her musical interpretation of  Yeats 'Sailing to Byzantium' on the night.

The Cork Circus will also perform on Sunday October 2nd, Cork Circus actors will entertain our younger audiences and families with their contemporary take on a classic story with street theatre.

Anthony Summers will be  Old Market House at 7pm on Oct 2nd. The Bestselling biographer and journalist will do a reading of his book 'The 11th Day'; excellently written, it tracks the precise of events of 9/11; writing with access to recently released official documents.

Originally published on: www.theview.ie

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Interview with Ian Noctor

Festival Director Bo Mandeville was recently interviewed by Ian Noctor of Waterford Local Radio (WLRFM) in relation to the upcoming festival 2011. The full interview may be downloaded in mp3 format. Our thanks to Ian Noctor and WLRFM for their time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Launch Live Gig

Town Hall Theatre - 25th August - Doors 7.30 pm - Music 8.00 pm

To launch our new festival we have invited an unmissable act to Dungarvan. Energy, musical adventure and pure fun is on the cards with Dehli 2 Dublin. A live performance with Delhi 2 Dublin is a celebration of diversity and creativity. And a true party.

The concert with this Canadian band will be the ideal sneak preview. Don't miss it. And to celebrate the launch, we offer this concert for Free. This is made possible through the support and endorsement of the Dungarvan Town Council.

Delhi 2 Dublin continues to break the mold with the release of its new genre-busting album,Planet Electric, on May 4th 2010. It’s as if the band has been sent on a mission to further spread their sound across the planet and out into the galaxy. They describe Planet Electric“as the buzz of the world that they are plugging into some large socket to electrify the people, to charge up their energy”. To capture that dynamism, all of the tracks on the album were road-tested in front of live audiences before being recorded. Something else the band did differently from the last album was going on a writers’ retreat where they worked on the music day and night for ten days straight. The results are definitely more representative of Delhi 2 Dublin as a band and a noticeable progression. The icing on the cake was being able to get Diamond “DJ Swami” Duggal (Apache Indian/Maxi Priest/Nusrat Fateh Ali) to mix the tracks.

BBC  quote - “The Vancouver-based collective combines dhol, fiddle and breakbeats in an Irish/Asian stew that is surprisingly varied, a marvellously wide-ranging and free-thinking concept.“

Support the Festival - Become a Patron

You can support the festival and help ensure this event will continue to grow and be an annual fixture by becoming a patron. Individuals and families or businesses.

Our patrons will be listed here on this site when we announce more details in September and also in the programme leaflet which will be used to promote the festival.

Patrons will be invited to opening and closing receptions, the live performances in Town Hall Theatre on Wednesday 28th Septemeber and benefit from priority booking opportunity.

Please consider this partnership; for €75 for individual patrons and €125 you can help us develop this non-profit cultural initiative.

We sincerely believe this is an opportunity to support a new, exciting and quality event.

Schools Programme

We believe bringing storytelling to the children is not only important but very exciting for them and for our teachers. To ensure we can give our primary schools a choice we will host events in the Town Hall Theatre and also give the option to have a storyteller visit the school.

For the secondary schools we want to engage through a very contemporary storytelling format; film. In essence this is what film is. We're currently gathering feedback on the appropriate film selection. A special screening in SGC's main auditorium with an introduction by a film historian will make for an instructive and entertaining afternoon.

While the formal schools programme is organised on the weekdays, we will also announce more tailored events for young audiences and families. These will include storytelling in the Comeragh Mountains, visual arts on the beach, a photography workshop in partnership with Lismore Castle Arts, a creative writing workshop with Eimear Cheasty, twitter dynamic stories etc. Full details will be available early September.

Mindful of the important usage of storytelling as an educational tool, Storytelling Southeast has specifically chosen a range of performances for pupils in both Primary and Secondary school.
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