Thursday, August 30, 2012

Message From The Canadian Ambassador To Storytelling Southeast

Storytelling Southeast will include a focus onnew writing from Canada and especially Newfoundland, a region with very close connections with the Southeast. International guests will read poetry and give talks. They include: Mary Dalton, Randall Maggs and Armand Garnet Ruffo.

Critically acclaimed Irish poet John Ennis has been instrumental in making this focus happen. His in-depth knowledge of new writing of Canada and his long standing partnerships with colleges and friendships with writers have made this even more special.

This focus will also be the starting point of an exchange programme to encourage young writing talent and give an opportunity to explore the connections between Newfoundland and County Waterford. Canadian Eva Crocker will be the first writer to avail of this. She has published short stories in "Paragon" - St. John's Memorial University's journal of creative writing - and is considered an emerging talent.

Key events:
  • Wednesday 26 September; John Ennis in Bridge House at 5 pm
  • Thursday 27 September; Armand G Ruffo on "Norval Morrisseau" in the Old Market House at 7 pm
  • Friday 28 September; Mary Dalton in the Old Market House at 7 pm
  • Saturday 29 September; Randall Maggs in Bridge House at 5 pm
  • Sunday 30 September; samples of new Canadian writing in the Tannery Cookery School at 5 pm (including Irish Tapas and Wine sampling)
The festival's ambition is to continue and further develop the exchanges and the partnerships over the next few years.

Canadian Ambassador Loyola Hearn has expressed his support:

"Wishing you every success with the Storytelling Southeast Festival.  As we know, there are many great stories that exist between the South East of Ireland and the South East of Newfoundland and it would be a great pleasure to hear them presented."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teens Book Club - Bookworms Assemble

The members of our summer teens book-club have picked a name: 'Bookworms Assemble'. The club meets in Bridge House every week. During the first meeting they discussed 'My Sister lives on the Mantelpiece' by Annabel Pitcher. The club will meet Annabel during the festival.

In addition to discussing the book at length, they have written reviews, which will be published on the festival's site shortly, and designed a bookmark for the club.

Next the club will discuss poetry by Pat Boran and Grace Wells. They are very excited to meet so many well-known authors and poets during the festival.

The club provides a great opportunity to voice our opinions. This is very interesting as the opinions are always so varied!

The club always welcomes new members and we are excited to hear from any potential new members.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Launch Of Storytelling Southeast's New Home

Artist Manuela Madeira In The Bridge House Arts Space

On Thursday August 2nd - Storytelling Southeast opened the doors of its brand new Arts Space in 'Bridge House' in Dungarvan in County Waterford.

Bridge House will become the home of the Storytelling Festival, which takes place in the county from September 26 to 30, 2012.

The historic house is also a collection of studios where ten artists have taken residence. It offers them a collection of spaces including a gallery and events room. Events will be curated and managed by the director of Storytelling Southeast, Bo Mandeville.

The ten artists are diverse in their work and include Irish artists Eveleen Power, Rayleen Clancy, Eilis O'Toole, Eileen Singleton, Eamon Gray, Anthony Hayes, Sinéad Violet, Manuela Madeira, Helen-Rose Hayes and Anne-Marie Le Flohic. Commenting at the launch Festival Director Bo Mandeville said, "Storytelling Southeast is eager to establish permanence in the region and this is a logical next step but also very key to the growth of the festival. It allows us to invite artists, organise exchanges, produce events all year around and promote the festival and the destination. We are welcoming other cultural organisations and communities to partner with us or to simply use the infrastructure. In the near future all of this will - hopefully - culminate in a vibrant arts community, a place where artists and audiences can explore creativity and where everybody feels encouraged to participate."

Officially opening the Bridge House Arts Space Mayor of Dungarvan Micheál Cosgrove commented, "I am delighted to officially open this new arts space in Dungarvan, it is wonderful to see this beautiful architecturally designed building coming to life and housing not only 10 art studios but also becoming the home of the fantastic Storytelling Southeast festival which I am very much looking forward to enjoying next month. I would like to wish all of the artists well and the festival the very best of luck for their future growth and progress."

Bridge House will open as the Storytelling Southeast box office from August 24 and before the festival it will host workshops, a teen book club and ongoing performances and installations. During the festival the space will be open for festivalgoers to visit the Art space and enjoy some festival events.

Photo By David Clynch
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