Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Book Club For Teens

Storytelling Southeast is launching a Summer book-club for teens - the authors of the books featured over the summer will be here at the festival in September. Members of the book-club will have an opportunity to meet the authors during the festival.

Annabel Pitcher's critically acclaimed book "My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece" will be the 1st book to explore. As she will read at the festival, Annabel will be available to answer questions, meet with the book-club members etc.

The first book-club meeting will be on Saturday 11th August 2012, at 3 pm, in Bridge House.

  • Age group; suitable for 12+
  • Limited capacity; up to 15 members
  • 2 meetings in August and 2 in September, on Saturdays from 3 to 4 pm
  • Location; Bridge House, Davitt's Quay (on roundabout)
  • Facilitator; Katie Court - Teacher and Education Officer with Storytelling Southeast

A full programme and the line-up for this year’s festival will be available on 24 August. Expect some sensational new additions. On Saturday 29 September; a music event at the Lookout, street painting and young audience and workshops. On Sunday 30 September a family day in Walton Park ...

Storytelling Southeast promotes cultural dialogue and events, artistic expression and exchanges throughout the year, culminating in a 5 day multi-disciplinary festival.

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