Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teens Book Club - Bookworms Assemble

The members of our summer teens book-club have picked a name: 'Bookworms Assemble'. The club meets in Bridge House every week. During the first meeting they discussed 'My Sister lives on the Mantelpiece' by Annabel Pitcher. The club will meet Annabel during the festival.

In addition to discussing the book at length, they have written reviews, which will be published on the festival's site shortly, and designed a bookmark for the club.

Next the club will discuss poetry by Pat Boran and Grace Wells. They are very excited to meet so many well-known authors and poets during the festival.

The club provides a great opportunity to voice our opinions. This is very interesting as the opinions are always so varied!

The club always welcomes new members and we are excited to hear from any potential new members.
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