Saturday, September 15, 2012

Storytelling Southeast at the Dungarvan Town Hall Theatre

Susan McKeown

4 gigs that surely will become memorable ... The Town Hall Theatre will again be Storytelling Southeast's intimate and atmospheric venue. Showcasing some of the most amazing talent and exploring the stories. Folk music, Americana, Poetry interpreted, Stories ...  This flagship venue offers the comfort of a studio theatre and invites people to immerse themselves in the narrative. "let the music take you"

Opening Night - Wednesday 26th September 2012 at 8 pm - Town Hall Theatre
Ryland Teifi & Róisín Clancy - Niall de Búrca - Anna Coogan & Daniele Fiaschi
"His (Niall de Búrca) ability to evoke a wide range of emotions from his rapt audience enables him to bewitch people with his stories and makes listening to him as well as watching him an unforgettable experience" VIENNA BOOK REVIEW

Celtic Connections - Friday 28th September 2012 at 8.30 pm - Town Hall Theatre
Gilles Servat with special guest Donnchadh Gough
Gilles Servat, singer-songwriter, extraordinary poet, one of the leaders of the Breton folk music movement, author, internationalist, .... Gifted with a rich, resonant, expressive voice, and an equally compelling gift for associating himself with the best in celtic music over the last thirty years... A unique show with Gilles as storyteller accompanied by Donnchadh Gough.

Celtic Connections - Sunday 30th September 2012 at 7 pm - Town Hall Theatre
Cécile Corbel - wonderful harpist and songwriter from Brittany. She wrote the critically acclaimed soundtrack for "Arrietty"

Closing Night - Sunday 30th September 2012 at 9 pm - Town Hall Theatre
Susan McKeown will be performing with Aidan Brennan, Seamie O'Dowd and Trevor Hutchinson.
Grammy Award Winner McKeown will perform songs from "Singing in the Dark" some sample reviews:
"She walks on the wild side of Gaelic melody." - BOSTON GLOBE
"If there’s some dividing line between Celtic traditionalism and eclectic contemporary songwriting, McKeown refuses to acknowledge it. And with a voice as warm, resonant and versatile as hers, why should she?" - THE OREGONIAN
"McKeown grabbed both song and audience by the throat, dragged them through heaven and hell and back again, and left the stage to the loudest applause heard all evening." - ROLLING STONE
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