Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Names For Storytelling Festival

Storytelling Southeast which starts on Wednesday September 28th has attracted some top names, including Anthony Summers, who co wrote 'The 11th Day'.

Others to appear at the festival include Christine Tobin on Sunday, 2nd Oct. at 8.30pm in the  Town Hall Theatre. '24 Karat Voice' / BBC Jazz vocalist of the year. Christine is romantic and radical, a musical free spirit. She is renowned for her inspired settings of poems to music and will perform her musical interpretation of  Yeats 'Sailing to Byzantium' on the night.

The Cork Circus will also perform on Sunday October 2nd, Cork Circus actors will entertain our younger audiences and families with their contemporary take on a classic story with street theatre.

Anthony Summers will be  Old Market House at 7pm on Oct 2nd. The Bestselling biographer and journalist will do a reading of his book 'The 11th Day'; excellently written, it tracks the precise of events of 9/11; writing with access to recently released official documents.

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