Monday, October 3, 2011

Ard Scoil Na nDeise Reaction To Our Festival

Storytelling South East Festival: Cinema Visit
On Thursday and Friday of last week the senior classes had a great treat! They attended the local cinema to view two films, Inside I’m Dancing and Ballroom of Romance. Luckily the sixth year students will be using one of these movies in their exams next June, and they were delighted to hear the analysis Bo Mandeville gave in his introduction. The fifth years enjoyed the insights about the Good Old Days in Ballroom of Romance, but would not swap the modern movie club scene for “old-fashioned romance”.

Storytelling South East: Visit from Concept Designer Dermot Power
Friday the 30th of September, concept artist Dermot Power came to our school to talk to all the 4th year students and the 5th and 6th year art students, in conjunction with the Storytelling South East Festival.

Dermot explained to us that a concept artist draws up ideas for the film director before any of the cast is even chosen, so that they can have an idea how much the movie will cost! The drawings can be on the environment of the movie, props, the cast and costumes.

All of the drawings are digitally made on the computer and nothing is drawn or painted on paper! Dermot himself has worked on huge productions such as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He also worked on three of the Harry Potter movies, on Star Wars  Episode II and many many more famous movies. Overall this was a very interesting talk. You can view his work on

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